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Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with us

In this digital world, there are plenty of service oriented websites that you use on a regular basis, so you must know, that to avail service facilities from a certain online platform, you first need to register on it, by this we mean, that you have to open an account with them. Opening an account on any online portal is a decree that every user has to abide by. This procedure includes uploading a few basic details related to your identity; this is nothing, but a business dogma, that not just Hi Profile Card, but each and every company adheres to.

At Hi Profile Card(https://hiprofilecards.co.in), our aim is to offer unparalleled service to our users, and for this we need to retain a record of some basic minutiae about them. These are a set of very common facts that you share while registering on other websites, like your IP address, email id, phone number, simple social media account details, your card related details etc. In this context, please note that a few information you share with us might be retained in our database for our reference. We can also collect a few rudimentary details from your social handles to save in our record.

However, please be assured that any facts which you agree to share with us, are absolutely safe in our custody. You can stay confident that we won’t stake or lease any of your details to any other establishment or person. We, at Hi Profile Card value your reliance above everything else and won’t ever compromise on it.

Your distribution list is private:

The main purpose of availing a digital business card is to build business contacts, so, you might have a distribution list for your contemplation. However, you must know that the distribution list containing the e-mail addresses or contact details of your vendors are entirely private and no-one but you can only access it. We, at Hi Profile Card(https://hiprofilecards.co.in), never steal such info to send promotional memos or share it with any other institution or individual.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies are primarily used to procure records regarding your activities on our website. However, if you are bothered about it, you can turn them off by making necessary changes in your browser settings

Duty of the user:

If you want to avoid any threat to your cyber security, please make sure you maintain confidentiality of your username and password. In case you believe, there is anything mistrustful, kindly report it to us instantaneously. Please note, Hi Profile Card has no access to your current password, and so you cannot hold us responsible for any illegitimate activities like hacking. However, we can always help you to keep your account safe, so in case you believe you need to reset your password, kindly let us know. It barely takes a few minutes to reset your password, so don’t take any risk.

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